Monday, August 1, 2011

Paris -- Part One: Culture & Gourmet Dining

Three days in Paris, is it enough?  This is my third time in Paris.

Paris is so different compare to London: the speed of the life, the language, and the atmosphere. 
Paris earned the reputation of the center of the style, the art, and gourmet dining.

Paris has more monuments to discover than any other European capital city, which is only natural, you might think, for capital of the country that welcomes the most tourists in the world. However, few restaurants can claim to be an integral part of  Pure –bread Parisians and tourists alike come here in search of something quite different: the soul of a city and taste for certain art of living. 
For over a centuries Paris has been a place to savour simple, authletic, generous, traditional cuisine that is easy on the pocket. Classical and seasonal startes, tasty meat and fish dishes and succulent stews follow each other in the unique friendly atmosphere created by sharing large tables with their red and white tablecloths.

Diners chat, marvel, learn, enjoy themselves and feast like kings.  Isnt that what July is for?

Well, I noticed that easy on the pocket restaurant is disappeared very quickly.  The breakfast that used cost about 20 euros, now is 55 euros.  Do you think it is too much, too soon, and too dramatic?

Here is some view on dining; here is everything available, and if you cannot afford -- take a pictures as I did.

Remember there is always a street market:

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