Monday, August 1, 2011

Paris -- Part Three: The Modern Art & The Louvre.

My Paris is all about an art.  It's always intriguing for me.
On Friday, I saw the sign about an extreme event: "Paris-Delhi-Bombay" exhibition at the Pompidou Center, and of course, I told myself that I have to see it.
 At the start of the exhibition, a hi-tech module summarizes the main principles of Indian society, regulated by a system of values that may seem very complicated and exotic to us.  Museum compares India past and present and an Indian dessert. Seventeen French artists have also been invited to express their vision of India.  This was an extreme journey between India's Old & New Worlds that again confirm to me that the contemporary art is forceful expression.

The Louvre isn't a forceful expression.  This is my choice; I enjoyed every moment of being there.  I started back on the same spot where I stopped on Friday since we have a limited time only.  I went all floors, and I spend another 6 hours there.   I love it, and I am dreaming of coming back.

And a real Mr.  French Mascot is very-very tired and wanted go back to London;


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