Monday, August 1, 2011

Hyde park; Kensington Gardens.

A green summer.  Summer in the city get a little overheated in London too, so it is a the prefect day to take a break and go on a "nature  and culture" excursion.  Today is an opportunity to enjoy the cool air and discover some excellent and very special parks that dedicated to Princess Diana.

 The first stop was at Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground with a centerpiece of the wooden pirate ship in Peter Pan style.  The whole area is designed so that children can play together, and the same time,  provides  many educational & social skills, encouraging using an imagination with.
  The second stop, the Memorial Fountain symbolized life and happiness.

I saw the children playing around, and I was thinking about my boys.

Today's assignment is photographing water.

And babies -birds that I saw 

and in the end - the prefect tea party with delicious food. Great day!

Back to work: more assignment are due.

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