Monday, August 1, 2011

Paris -- Part Two: A New Shopping Experience

If Paris is the capital of fashion, then Galleries Lafayette is its heart.  Following the department store's renovation, the pulse of the french luxury sector beats here. But do all Parisians browsing its floor or tourists.  The Galleries Lafayette attracts many international customers and provides special services for them.  Certainly not.  Yet, thanks to its exclusive offers, the shopping is now a paradise for foreign visitors.
I saw the lines of only foreign shoppers, mostly from Asia, and I saw that each counter has an asian-native salesperson.  Finally, to make the delights of shopping even less stressful, the store is offers another brilliant  innovation: an immediate tax-refund service.  I found the best shopping innovation for me -- a free chilled water with many free refills as you wish.  I took advantage of that.
 45-minutes later, I was heading outside away from the new shopping experience.

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