Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hampton Court

As soon we arrived to Hampton Court, passing through the green court, I could not help myself to stop thinking about all palaces that I was visiting in the past.  Somehow, I see so many similarities in each of them even though all palaces are different.  Most tours are started with bedrooms or  a dining room.  Today, we were heading directly to the kitchen.  Appetite, attitude, and amount!  This is a king's life after all.
Good Lord, Henry did not eat the same meat every day, and actually he loved varieties.  Sure, including the number of his wives.

Still, the Hampton Court is listed among the top ten things to see in London.  I wander through over 60 acres of beautiful maintained gardens, the Maze, and the Chapel Royal, still I was thinking about the life-style...

The life is good!

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