Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good for a change.

Another day at the palace, The Buckingham Palace. Once again, it all about gold, tourists, and a big impression. The tour is well organized since this is the Queen's official residence.  The Faberge exhibit is one of the kind.  I wear only one bracelet that is a modern Faberge.  Nothing to compare the original Faberge art work, which was started in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and went out of business in 1920, but reopened in Switzerland. Strolling among the beautiful palace, passing over the dress of Kate Middleton, hearing the story about how the dress was designed by Sara Burton.  The lace on the dress was made in Hampton Court, wow, we just went there yesterday. I glad that I was able to see this dress so close, even though then I married almost 20 years ago and I could not afford any special dress on my wedding day.  Yes, the dress is beautiful, what else you would designed for a royal wedding.

The gardens, and the greens, and the alley to heading you back from the palace.

Finally, the last stop.  The Hard Rock Cafe:

Great for a change.

My family started a tradition then we take our boys for their b-day to the Hard Rock Cafe.  It began as accident while we were on the family vacation in overseas.  Boys missed traditional American food the most.  Since this 'accident' my boys are waiting to go out for b-day dinner to wonderful world of the Rock & Roll.

Yes, it was a very special lunch in the very first Hard Rock Cafe.

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